Shopping enlightenment

Shopping shouldn’t be underestmated. The more I shop the more I see that shopping is like life.
The whole activity insinuates the great instability in which we live today.
Nothing is forever.
There will always be a better, cheaper, newer or a more exciting item.

While shopping you can come to a dilemma: to take or not to take?!
The jacket that looks amazing, and when you put it on your whole face lightens up…(and for an instant you forget that you don’t usually wear jackets)… Or a coat that is also nice and definitely more functional…but for you it’s not as special as the jacket.

This time I chose the jacket. Both my friend & the shop assistant confirmed it was the right choice. The latter said that it was meant to be as it was the last one.
And that sometimes you have to take something for your soul…
Because otherwise you end up with the more functional thing but silently asking yourself how would it be with the one that makes your heart beat.

Yep, of course I automatically saw a wider dimension of her words…
There are clothes you wear every day and there are those for special occasions.
It is the same with people.
Would that gorgeous summer dress still be so breathtaking if you’d be wearing it every day? Would people still crave so much for chocolate if they would be eating it every day?
There is no right answer here, each person has his/her own story.
I am sure that even if the gorgeous dress slowly becomes more casual there will always be an echo of her best times, the mere awareness that there was a time when it was really really special.
And regarding eating something every day…I could surely eat lentils every day, I love them. But of course I don’t eat it every day because I also have other things in the menu.

Until now it is not clear which point I want to defend, right?
If I put on scale every day life conformism against impulsive excitement (with a clear expiry date)… I can simply write that the first makes you survive from day to day as stable as possible whereas the second makes this thing called life worthwhile. These are those moments that take your breath away and that you still remember like yesterday even though many months, even years have passed.

To sum up, you can chose any of them!
I don’t care (better said, I shouldn’t).
What matters is that at any given point you are clear about your priorities.
Once you have that it is easy to chose stability over passion and the feeling of being yourself over being a good girl.
Go for it. Explore. Embrace.
Don’t play with the fire if you can’t stand the heat.
I always thought that you can learn so much already from other people’s experience.
You needn’t touch the fire yourself in order to understand that it is hot.
…However, there also come times when we need to walk on the fire ourselves.
Because this may be the only way to burn out the tears and start a learning process on a different level.
It’s all up to you!


This was written last year at the same time…What is the situation now?

– No jackets or coats, the spring is coming:)


The above words are to show that mindfulness can be practiced anywhere at anytime, even in a shopping center.

Moment of introspection: considering the experience, would you sacrifice passion over stability or vice versa?


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