The one that got away

After months of searching (well, not extremely actively but OK) I found exactly the place I need at the best location possible!
The people were nice, the price even more.
I was the first one to see it and it all went well.

As I am driving in the evening a thought crosses my mind that even if I don’t get it, it will all be alright. Sure. Nothing new but I felt calm.
A few minutes after this thought I get a phone call, they would like to give it to me but a friend’s son showed up and so he took it.
They told it in a nice way and I took it in a nice way.
After the call I felt relaxed.

“Well, this means you will get something better” people around me would say (and they did later on). I tried telling this to myself but it didn’t work. “The closed door means that a better one will open soon” and similar clichés didn’t work .
Yet I felt so happy and calm.

This “better” doesn’t exist. What will happen is that I will eventually get something and it is not about something better but what I need in a certain moment.
So, I will keep on carpooling and spend more time with the amazing people I drive every day 🙂

Today I simply needed to see for myself that there still exist lovely flats for a good price at a reasonable location. There are not many but there are!
What matters is that we don’t give up.
Not just that: that we don’t settle for whatever comes along.
That we keep on going at our own pace.
And for those reading this: the same goes for people, jobs, …

Everything is connected, sometimes it just takes more time to see the connection.
The awareness is enough. At the same time it is also the most we can have or manifest.

P.S. So today’s appartment is the one that got away, I guess. Only until the right one:)



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