Bad day!

Today was one of those rare days that everything goes wrong (or at least so we think). Even more wrong than you can imagine. Sooner or later you come to think “maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t left the house”. A friend said that on days like this she wishes there was an “off” button she could press!

I was tempted to ask out loud what more could go wrong but instead I started laughing every time I got the answer. The question I made at some point was “What can go right?”
Therapy of the day was walking on the sun and picking some herbs in a nearby forest.
Despite all the inconveniences the day was actually very productive.
Such days don’t just make us appreciate all the other 365 (it’s Leap year!) that are better.
They kick our buts and make us do a step forward.
They show us a mirror, a map on which we can try to find ourselves. These days make us think where on Earth is our compass?!

I managed to do some things I have been procrastinating for a few months now. After so many falls I was more motivated to get back up.
So, a bad day? No, just a sunnier mirror to see the reflection even better…

No matter how everything seems to go wrong, as long as we have hope we have everything.

Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down, it is the circle of Life. 🙂

And for the 1st time in my life I made pesto sauce from freshly picked herbs:


Not a bad day afterall.

Buon appetito 🙂


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