Friendship wounds & healings

The other day I went to see a very dear friend.

We haven’t seen each other for over 6 months.
The last time we did we shared a hug and some caring words.
And before that? There were a few phone calls with the intention to ‘clear things out’ as there was a huge misunderstanding and I ended up being accused of something I didn’t do neither think or wish of doing. Looking back, I was deeply hurt because if there is one thing I cherish in a close relationship is trust.

It was clear to me that after the misunderstanding this friend did not want any contact anymore and it was indeed very challenging for me. Not only that I did not get to explain my story, someone that I deeply valued was hurt because of me or so I thought. I had to let go of all this and I did not understand why. I believed it was for the better. It meant a lot to have the support of my other friends and it made me realise that who really knew me would also know that I would never do something like that to hurt someone. We all realised that such situations are great life lessons and also turning points for a friendship.

Anyhow, more than a year has passed since the misunderstanding and as we met again, it was all ok, it was somehow down to friendly politeness as we were in a bigger group. We are supposed to meet again soon.

(The above was written 2 months ago and we haven’t met since then.)

So did I loose a friend? I don’t think so. What I am sure of is that our relationship has transformed. No matter how much I care for this person I have no right nor will to push anything.

The only thing I do is that I wish this person all the best.
I came to an end (or we can call it a new starting point): I have no expectations of where this relationship is going. If my friend will want to hear the truth, I am there. If we’ll both want to continue then we will. And if we’ll both feel that this is not what we need then so be it. This is the beauty of Life, when you let things happen, they do 🙂






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