Our lives at a crossroads

When we want to let go of everything and start from scratch?
When we are choosing our career or wanting to change the job?
When we are choosing a partner, getting married, moving in or expecting a baby?
When we loose our loved ones?
When we are moving to a new house, town or country?
When we realise we unexpectedly have feelings for someone and feel it is time to do something about it?
When we just don’t know which move should we make and we are thinking “should I stay or should I go?”


Let’s pause for a moment.
Aren’t we always at a crossroads?
In 1 day we have to make so many decisions but it seems that we do it so automatically that we do not even count how many times we had to choose something over something else (and yes, it comes down to choosing which road we’ll take in the morning when we go to work). What will I have for lunch, will I go to the gym or jogging in the park in the afternoon?

So not only the officially life changing questions listed above are our mind’s crossroads. Those are only the more visible ones.

When we realise we are constantly making decisions (as small as they may seem) this realisation comes with responsibility. And a question: how do I know which way is the right way? It is often said that what matters is that we do not stand still and get stuck, the key is to choose a way and continue.

There are so many techniques to help people make good decisions.
What if there is no right or wrong, what if there is only “right now?”

I decided to write a few lines on a truly touching movie that offers a different yet profound message to any viewer, however one thing in this movie is clear: it is allabout crossroads.


Paweł Pawlikowski’s drama film Ida is not only a movie about searching one’s roots, the whole movie is also about an individual path, individual’s quest for the truth when we find ourselves at an existential crossroads. It is set in Poland in 1962 when 18-year old Ida who was raised in an orphanage is about to take vows to become a nun. Before she does so she is sent to aunt Wanda her only relative that she has never met before. They go on a trip to a remote village where Ida was born to discover what really happened to her parents. As Wanda suggests her niece to try some sins and common pleasures before she makes a commitment for good the author exposes the contrast between the two: as the live music is playing outside Wanda goes to share a dance and way more than that with a stranger and Ida continues to cite prayers in the room.

Who are you? Where do you come from? Where are you going? How have you changed? If you have changed – what is your essense?
All these are Ida’s questions, the same questions that humans continue to ask themselves in different periods of history and in different life situations.

There are moments in which we can see both the past and the future colliding, Ida is on the crossroads looking at what was and what can be, regardless of the fact that she is supposed to take the vows.


Should she continue to explore the life she was ‘missing’ for 18 years, meeting new people, dancing, listening to Jazz music, falling inlove or should she return to the beliefs she had for all her life?

There are many great reasons for watching this film, not only the fact that it won several awards like the 2015 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, becoming the first Polish film to do so. We can underestimate the film and think it is very predictable whereas it is everything but that. Ida finds herself at the crossroads several times and every time she astonishes us with her strong will and impeccable devotion. As we are watching we don’t know what will really happen until the very end – the last minutes are a true pearl, fearlessly revealing somebody’s journey to find the Life’s purpose.


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