What if we don’t wear masks?

Today I found a mask I made when I was 12.
I finally threw it away as it represents no emotional value anymore.
There is another one I keep in the kitchen, a mask painted with beautiful ‘sunset at the ocean’ scene which I still intend to keep.
As I am writing this the spring is putting on a mask of winter: the snow flakes fully covered the blossoming magnolias outside our window.

We often hear and read that it is important to let go of our masks.
What if we actually do not wear them?

How can someone who is into permaculture also use nail polish and high heels?
How can a vegan like sea food? How can a hunter love animals? How can people who say they don’t drink be seen with a gless of red wine?
The above may look like paradoxes, like people who aren’t authentic.
What if real authenticity comes from not thinking about being authentic in the first place?
What if we do not follow the definitions but simply live in the moment and give our own definition to it?

This confusion comes from our human tendency of labelling.
It is not wrong, it is just a fact.
(yes, this tendency can be our defence mechanism and often a very limiting and judging attitude)
And when something doesn’t fit our label among other possibilities we label it as ‘someone wearing a mask’.


If we follow Bukowski’s idea that the mask never changes then we need to look into the mirror (inside & out) – the mask never changes but we do! We are constantly learning, changing, evolving, growing, … There is not just one You.
So all the other Yous you get to encounter are not masks…

All this happens because we sometimes expect *something* to define us (an activity, a job, a person, …). We can feel it would be nice to finally find this *something* to identify with even though we are officially against labels, right?

Then we reach a state when we notice that we might be everything and nothing at the same time.
And then…
We are.
We simply are.
Note: Linked to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/mask/


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