Solitude is fashionable

It seems that solitude became sort of fashionable nowadays.
How often do we hear or say that it is important to take some time for yourself?
And just what does that actually mean?
Are we really alone when physically there is no one around us but we keep on texting and sending e-mails all around the globe?


Instead of praising solitude or socialising activities on the other side we can simply contemplate on how we feel in this very moment and start from that.
If we feel like embracing solitude then let’s do it and if we feel like having company then let’s do that! The key is to listen to ourselves.
And the ability to do so often has its roots in…
Yes, solitude.

But there is a big difference in being alone when we fully feel it rather than when it is something we are supposed to do or we have no one to keep us company.
In this case it is our conscious decision.


Let’s enjoy the solitude, whenever, however, wherever.

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