Life is like a boomerang

Since there are currently 5 retrograde planets I decided to look back as well – here are my notes from exactly 1 year ago:

Feeling so at peace with everything.
The full manifestation of my favourite quote: “When it looks like things are falling apart they might actually be falling into place.”
On so many levels.
Feeling free.
Beautiful, refreshing morning walk in a park with a friend.
This is it.
There is the right time for everything.
And the right time is now.

As I am walking back from the gym random thoughts are coming.
What is the point, people just follow general rules of how their life is supposed to look like.
And it is not that I reject all that anymore.
I just don’t see any point in that.
Feeling old.
As if the time run over us several times.

Whatever is meant to happen will happen anyway.


The news of the day:
My friend Saly got her dream job in Delhi!!!
After so much waiting and so many interviews all over the country, she got it!
And there is a life lesson here…
Last weekend she flew to Bangalore for job interviews. Then she went on an interview 1 day ago for the work she was really interested in.
And she got it!
It is like this in life.
Sometimes we have to travel miles for something that is in the end right beside us.
No journey, no curve should be taken for granted.
Because if she hadn’t gone to Bangalore the Delhi thing wouldn’t have happened.
What matters is the whole process behind.
This curve made the journey.

Sounds familiar?!
Just like a quotation I once read:
“We travel the world to search for what we need and then we return home to find it.”
That is why I travel.
It is not that I like it so much.
Or that I crave for it.
It is a way of life.
And the more I travel the more I appreciate home.
(not just while travelling, actually mainly when I am there)
And the harder it gets to travel again.
…”Big wheels keep on turning!”


Reading these words feels like yesterday.
So many things happened since then.
And at the same time it feels like not so many.

Anyhow, Saly is now working in Bangalore.
It is just another curve on the road of Life.


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