World’s most colourful stairway

Since the early childhood I have been in love with Cidade maravilhosa as they call the city of Rio de Janeiro. Selarón stairs are definitely one of the highlights of the city, together with the bohemian neighbourhood of Santa Teresa and the party district of Lapa.

This stairway is a beautiful manifestation of the colourfulness of Rio, Brazil and the whole world.

It is said that there are currently 250 steps covered in more than 2000 tiles from all over the world. In 1990 a Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón started renovating the steps in front of his house and this spontaneous act turned into an evolving piece of art ever since. He calls this piece of art his “tribute to the Brazilian people”.  The starting material was basically urban waste found in the streets of Rio but in the later years most of the tiles were actually donations from international visitors.

“Now find your country’s tile” is what my friend always says when he brings travellers to this spot. And every time there is this immediate rush of excitement in the air that makes people walk carefully on Escadaria Selarón in search for their country’s symbol.

Definitely a walk to remember.

This place reminds us that there is Art in every step we make. It is upon us to see it. And a step further: it is upon us to co-create it.


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