Someone we never speak of

Maybe not for all but for many there is someone we never speak of.

A silent scar in our memory. An invisible scar in the perfect smile we give to the world.


A young couple was sitting in the car talking about their soon to come farewell for good. They discussed whether it is worth having this amazing time, knowing that it will hurt in the end. He looked at the rose in her curly hair and said: “It’s like a rose. It’s beautiful but it has spikes. You have to be ready for both.” She whispered that she wasn’t sure whether she was ready but they both knew she had no choice.


There are times when people are sharing really unique moments with someone and they start missing them while they are still together.

When we are not fully in the moment and somehow not able to let go these memories become the silent scars of Life.

Instead of feeling sad for it is going to end, let’s feel the gratitude that this unique moment even happened at all. Let’s appreciate the magic of this moment. 🙂


Photo: Roses on our kitchen table


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