The right music

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Usually I wouldn’t do many things without music. I even had special music for cooking, different one for cleaning or packing, another one for sports, … However lately I have been noticing that my days are getting filled with different kind of music.

The sound of the river & birds singing made me forget everything. And at the same time I remembered how happy I am to fully enjoy the Spring. These first Springy weeks were usually not my favourite.
But if I think that last year at this time I was livng in one of the world’s most polluted cities…it is actually beyond words to describe how much I appreciate every moment in the woods.

With the right music, we either forget or remember everything.

What makes You remember everything, when was it the last time You forgot it all…?

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4 thoughts on “The right music

  1. Props to you for remembering to include the songbirds in your definition of music!

    It’s so true that birdsong, and even frogsong and cricketsong, can be as emotive as manmade music. I grew up in the country and now (sadly) live in a city. Recently, I got lost on my way to a friend’s house just outside the city. I found myself on a backroad, and as I whizzed by, I heard crickets singing in the ditch. It had been so long since I heard that beautiful music that I had to pull off on the side of the road and listen for a few minutes.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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