The art of for*GIVING*

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Today on abandonment…

We may have been abandoned. We may have abandoned someone.

And it hurt us. Or it still hurts now.

We cannot change what happened.
But we can forgive.

ForGIVEness is opening our heart and giving the chance to ourselves to embrace and share more love, it is healing the past and knowing that we don’t need thise feelings of guilt in the present or future. Of course we can still remember those events, we don’t loose our memory, but we remember it without any attachments, with neutrality.

It takes time and what really helps is seeing the goodness in people and yourself. For sure that situation made us learn something new or to be aware something new. The fact is that we cannot change it but we can decide to make good deeds from that moment on. Everyone makes mistakes (or at least we think they are mistakes) what counts is what we learn from them.
Instead of saying (out loud or silently) “don’t leave me”, let’s firstly not leave ourselves.

And instead of promissing others and ourselves that we will never abandon / be abandonded again we can accept what was, accept what is and decide to simply be there for others and ourselves. Be present in this very moment.


P.S. Forgiving is not forgetting. It is not closing or opening the door. It is merely accepting the situation and letting it unveil at its own pace.


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