When are we ready?

My sister just got a puppy and is now wondering whether she is up for the challenge since she doesn’t have much time + if she is even ready for such a huge responsibility (keep in mind that she actually has one of the most responsible jobs that exist).

Another friend mentioned the “irony of life” (she called it this way) that for a year she has been trying to find a job without success. Yesterday she got 2 phone calls: she got 2 very different job offers, both were her top choices. But…she is pregnant and will give birth in a few months.


When are we ready for a new family member? When are we ready for the next step in building our career?

Don’t we sometimes sacrifice one over another?

Reality check: life is all about priorities. And when we are honest with ourselves we can realize that in a certain moment we didn’t really make a sacrifice but we rather prioritised one thing over another. And it is ok.

Surely it seems that we are using different words for the same thing bu actually the word ‘sacrifice’ turns us into a victim and the idea of having priorities brngs to light the idea of having a choice.

So, when are we really ready for something?

Promotion? New job? New pet? Different apartment? Another partner? A ring? Baby?

Reality check 2: They often “happen” not exactly as we imagined they would.
We imagined ourselves to be more stable (financially or emotionally), in a different place, with a different person. We may have even imagined us being different.
All these are expectations: how the situation should look like in order for us to be ready.

Nevertheless, we are really ready when we feel ready although we seem everything but that. Moreover, when we have no choice but to be ready.

Think of a situation you find yourself in this very moment.
Where are you, what are your thoughts?

Reality check 3: We are ready exactly right here and right now for the situation we are facing.


Note: Linked to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/sacrifice


2 thoughts on “When are we ready?

  1. It’s funny because the moment we take our mind off of something, that’s when it shows up. The trick is to focus on other things, almost like our thoughts create a cosmic traffic jam


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