Orderly chaos

Exploring the mind…
The longer I am here, the less I understand.
And the more I feel, being aware that no word can really describe a feeling.

Until we are on the level of a system we can never fully understand it. In other words until we are in one reality we can never fully get a hold on it. So what now?
Metasystem? Metareality?

Among other things it is also our attempt for the mind to transcend.
In its pure nature the mind is limitless.
The key is to observe. In meditation, in life in general. There are so many great movies we can watch every day just by merely observing the life around us.

And we often notice it is all an orderly chaos. Yes, chaos but an orderly one.

Eastern philosophies have a very different perspective on emptiness: while the West is afraid of it the East embraces it. It is where everything starts, the source of creation. It is so empty that it is completely full.
There was a time when emptiness was also called chaos.
And what is chaos in its essense?
An endless set of possibilities 🙂


Note: Linked to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/orderly


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