So f* what?

We often ask ourselves “Why…?” Why did she react in this way? Why didn’t he call? Why is this person still in my life? Why is this happening to me, again?! Why can’t just once things go as planned? Why do I need this situation? Why can’t I understand this?Why?!

On today’s walk with a friend in the woods it hit me: we often ask ourselves “why?” but this is actually the opposite of acceptance!
When we fully accept something, there is no “why?” anymore. Nevertheless this doesn’t mean that we know the answer but we simply do not think the question is relevant anymore. We moved on.

Moving on is the key to survival.

We can always change our lenses and look at things differently: So what if she reacted in this way! So what if he didn’t call! So what if this person is still here! So what if this is happening, there is clearly a lesson I need to learn! So what if things go as originally planned, there seems to be a bigger plan still to be unveiled. So what if I still cannot understand this! Maybe I will some day and maybe not. So f* what!

Let’s think of a situation that is currently on our mind.
Now let’s say (out loud or not): “So f* what if this happened.”

It is a simple practice of letting go. Of course, the first time we may not feel it…But seriously, so what?

It is what it is. The real question is what are we going to do about it 🙂

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