Unsaid words

Every conversation I had today with different people ended up with smiling and the conclusion: It’s all about timing.

I feel just now we broke up with someone although it seemed that there was nothing to break up in the first place. Nothing really happened. We saw each other about 5 times. Many things unsaid. Some feelings that haven’t been fully expressed. Every time we (try to) interact we seem to be in a different phase. And so once again, life goes on.

We didn’t tell each other that our timing doesn’t work but we both understood that from what the other one was writing. It was an unofficial goodbye, the one we never had and even this one can barely count as one. Bitter sweet symphony is the realisation that we were both each other’s inconvenient timing. As bitter and as sweet as it was it also felt so very liberating. Honesty invigorates.

“Some people will never fit into your life, no matter how much you want them to.”
This was the last quote I sent and once again I feel that both of us interpret it in our own way.

Just before sleep I wrote that for the first time it is me who needs to get something of the chest so I can fall asleep. And just as I managed to finally have the guts to write something readable including how “we both still have the feeling of many unsaid things”…the battery died.


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One thought on “Unsaid words

  1. “Bitter sweet symphony is the realisation that we were both each other’s inconvenient timing.”

    Those are beautiful words that I personally can relate to, and I’m sure many can relate to as well. I don’t know the background or context behind your post, but if you are in transition relationship-wise, just hold on through those painful, bittersweet moments. It already seems that, because there is mutual understanding between you two, it won’t be like pulling teeth. But it’s painful, nonetheless.

    Sending you good thoughts throughout whatever process you’re going through.

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