How do we learn?



Today I was sitting on a bench and a little boy sat next to me to tie his shoes.
He put his whole attention into this action and really took time for it.
Then his dad came to help him and the boy said: “No dad. I have to do it myself because this is the only way I will learn.”
His dad smiled and watched him.


Do you remember how it was to learn how to walk or to tie your shoes?
I don’t.
I remember there was a time when I didn’t know it…And that now for countless years it is one of those things I can do automatically (although I mainly wear flip-flops or shoes with a zipper :D)

Another example is learning how to drive a car, I vaguely remember the feeling I had, that sensation that I had to do so many things at once: listening to the instructions, paying attention to the road, speeding up, changing the gears, … There was a time when all this was a big deal but now it is something I do by the way, automatically.

The above often what happens with many things we do now without much thinking.
In the beginning they may seem complicated, every move, every detail can be challenging… But with regular practice we can become masters and even develop our own ways of doing something! People can be so kind to show us the procedure but in the end we have to simply do it ourselves.

It is important that we are patient in the process.
And every time we forget we can remind ourselves: there is no rush. No rush at all.


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3 thoughts on “How do we learn?

  1. This post rings echoes of my piece “Trial-and-Error.” Learning how to perform some tasks can be challenging at first, but they do become almost second nature to us. 🙂 Thank you for bringing out the light in that fact and encouraging your readers to be patient.. Definitely took me a whileee to learn to drive safely, but with practice, anything can be made easy 🙂

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