Mr Right NOW

Just now I read a blog post on Anti-Cinderella Campaign which exposed the attitude of many: waiting for the right person to come along and save them.

Instead of waiting for the Mr/Ms Right, it can be good to get to know the Mr/Ms Right NOW. Instead of trying to change (some may even use the term ‘improve’) Mr/Mrs Right now we can try to accept them (and ourselves of course).
I don’t have any specific way in mind and I am not telling that this relationship (friendly or romantic) will lead somewhere, or anywhere at all.

A wild thought here: aren’t people always with their Mr/Ms Right now? Taking into account our beloved (and many times limiting) concept of time: some “nows” last longer but does this mean that the shorter ones weren’t right in the moment of happening?

Not so rarely we can hear an inner voice telling us: ‘hey, things are not going in the right way’ or ‘this may not be the right thing for you’. Moment of introspection: where do things have to lead? The issue is in the common concept that relationships can ultimately lead only in one direction. This means we limit ourselves from the beginning anything can even happen.

But this is it, we often block ourselves by questioning whether a certain situation will lead anywhere.
Of course, what we do now will have an effect on tomorrow but let’s not forget that many times things don’t go (exactly) as planned.

So, let’s ask ourselves, where do we want our situation, relationship to take us?
Are we willing to grow and learn?
Because, maybe, just maybe this means that we also need to let go of our plans, ideas, judgements and the subconscious need to control. 🙂

“I may not be your Mr Right but I can be your Mr Right now” – this came up in one of Pitbull’s songs a few years ago. Despite its context and the usual understanding of the “Mr Right now”  we can find a deeper meaning in there for ourselves, it’s all about the interpretation!

By letting things go we can let them be.
We can let ourselves and the people around us simply be.

And somewhere along the way we realise we are right for ourselves.
We don’t become the Ms/Mr Right.
Even more, the whole concept of right and wrong disappears.
We accept ourselves and the world in all our colours.
We accept that we were there all along.



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3 thoughts on “Mr Right NOW

  1. I found this line thought-provoking: “Some ‘nows’ last longer but does this mean that the shorter ones weren’t right in the moment of happening?”

    Indeed, every moment, no matter how brief, means something in the grand scheme of things. 🙂

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