Pigeon lady

Every city has a Pigeon lady.
And every Pigeon lady has a story.
And bread to share 🙂

It was nice and sunny outside so I found a lovely bench to sit in the park, picking a spot near the street so there would be less pigeons (For some reason I don’t feel comfortable around them, maybe after one flew into my hair while cycling or after a trip to Venice – if you have been to Piazza San Marco then you know what I mean).
At some point they surrounded me and luckily I managed to find an even ‘safer’ spot.
On my way back I passed the first bench and there was a lady talking to the pigeons and feeding them. It reminded me of the 2nd movie Home alone when the little boy meets a homeless lady in Central Park feeding the birds and at some point they become friends.

What is somebody’s trigger of fear can be somebody else’s source of joy. Some see an animal to push away, some see an animal to feed.

Despite the following conversation pigeons continue to annoy me.

The lady in front of me said that she feels so bad for the pigeons every time she passes them with empty hands. When asked why is she feeding them she simply replied:
“I love living beings.”




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