Finders – keepers, really?

You know how some people say they don’t just find money on the floor…
Well, yesterday it actually happened that I found a jacket. There was a wallet inside with over 2.000 $. So these things can actually happen.
It was so natural to start looking for the owner, no dilemma here. Since there were also many cards inside I managed to track him down and return his belongings – funny enough he only noticed that the wallet was missing after I contacted him (not because he wouldn’t care but because in those 2h he didn’t seem to need it) and he was actually a tourist on his first day in the country.
What a way to start your trip.

Anyhow, after this I noticed there were some tough debates going on on-line. Surprisingly, many people play by the “finders keepers” rule.
Such an event can really make people think.
Can we trust that what we loose will come back? When we would loose something – how can the potential finder contact us in the case of loss, are we easy to reach?
…And last but not least: what would you do when you would see such an amount…


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