What can we learn from mosquitos?

Before you hit the next mosquito read the following lines 🙂


Everything can inspire us it just depends on our perspective.
So I gave a chance to a mosquito that was chasing me around the apartment at 1 a.m. as I was trying to fall asleep.
Believing that everything has its purpose I have actually asked myself numerous times what is the point of mosquitos?!
And for a long time I settled with the powerful Dalai Lama’s quote: If you think you are to small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.
Since they exist there has to be something more, this was only the beginning…

We can take them as just one of the many pests we have to face in order to learn how to set our boundaries, protect what matters to us and see through situations realising that many things we find important are actually pretty trivial. We can take these annoying encounter as another opportunity to practise patience and acceptance.

Mosquitos can be seen as a wake up call. They are pointing out that the energy is being drained; without even noticing we can sometimes end up being a part of other people’s drama or even making our own. Hey, some people enjoy the drama but if we don’t, then this is one mosquito we don’t need to host 🙂

The fact that the female mosquitos draw other creatures’ blood for sustaining their bodies and the lives of their babies is just another manifestation of the cycle of Life. We don’t have to understand it, agree with it or like it. It is there regardless of how we feel about it 🙂 In a wider sense we can even see this as the idea that whatever happens, life goes on.

There are many other ways in which mosquitos can teach us a lesson, among others also that we shouldn’t underestimate others or ourselves because in many cases: size doesn’t matter 🙂


2 thoughts on “What can we learn from mosquitos?

  1. This is great and new for me! And lemme add, mosquito reflects our freedom, we can fly everywhere but we must know our limitations… ‘Cause sometimes, we don’t realize that we are actually letting ourselves go to places that would hurt us, people that would hurt us. God bless!

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