When does a relationship really end?

So far this year has been a year of many weddings and births for us but lately it is also becoming a year of break-ups (especially of long-term relationships).

While being surrounded by many stories of relationships coming to an end (either romantic, friendly or business) and also others who are still in the process of recovery afterwards, a big question came up: When does a relationship actually end?

Not when you encounter an issue that you believe you cannot resolve.
Not when you think about it for the first time and neither when you keep on considering this idea.

Not when you (think you) have stopped loving them.
Not when you or the other person say it out loud.
Not when you / they move out.
Not when you say goodbye.
Not when you stop calling.
Not when nowadays you delete them from Fb, get rid of all the photos and do other things that make it seem like your relationship never existed.

It is simply when you decide not to try to make it work one more time.
It is when you stop trying and you don’t give it another chance.

(Even if you still sleep in the same bed / wear the ring / have been friends since childhood / have signed a business contract / …)

This post is not a suggestion to do so or to keep on trying endlessly. It is just a reminder that it is all up to us.
As some say: we are the choices we make.


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